International Encrypted SIM Card
Enjoy your privacy

The Encrypted SIM card provides total control over the privacy of our users. With IMEI / IMSI location and data encryption, automatically generated mobile number, voice substitution and other functionalities, Encrypted is one of the most reliable communication tools on the market.

Activation 6 months
International SIM
Anonymous encrypted

350 USD


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Refill 6 months
International SIM
Anonymous Encrypted

175 USD


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500 min calls
Anonymous Encrypted SIM

175 USD


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With our international SIM you receive the following amount of GB depending on the country

Argentina 5 GB
Mexico 3 GB
Colombia 3 GB
Canada 13 GB
Europe 11 GB
Brazil 3 GB
Venezuela 1 GB
Peru 7 GB
Ecuador 1 GB
Chile 4 GB
Uruguay 3 GB

Total privacy

Private calls. With a normal SIM card, all your calls are encrypted with a simplified algorithm. Encrypted gives additional protection to the conversations sent from your phone, by encrypting them with the A5 / 1 algorithm.

Total privacy

Phone number encryption. Don’t want to share your phone number with the people you call? Encrypted’s advanced encryption process helps generate a random number each time you make a call. As soon as you make your phone call, the signal will reach our servers, so the number will be replaced and impossible to decipher.

Total privacy

Calls Do not let yourself be restricted by the additional costs of each country, you will always have a fixed value, in this way, you will be connected anytime, anywhere.

Our priority is to protect the safety of our users

Why choose the Encrypted SIM card?

We respect the privacy needs of our customers, therefore we have created one of the safest and easiest-to-use SIM cards for your needs.

We respect your privacy

Encrypted SIM cards are untraceable through voice recognition or billing records. We do not store the information of our clients.

Military grade encryption

With no location sharing, no traceable numbers or visible IMEI / IMSI, our military grade double data encryption is used to encrypt all your calls and messages.

Free worldwide roaming

We are aware of the importance of the Internet today, therefore we offer safe roaming around the world. In this way you can send and receive calls / SMS / data, without thinking about additional expenses in other countries. Discover the world, we will help you!

Geolocation anonymity

The Encrypted SIM card keeps your location private. The phone service provider will not know your physical location when you make a call. This means that your location data is safe. The <Encrypted> servers encrypt your geolocation through a secure USSD channel.

No contacts

No contacts. We operate a 100% reliable service: all our SIM cards are prepaid, therefore there are no contracts of any kind. This ensures that your information is kept private.

Change the characteristics of your voice

Change the characteristics of your voice. The Encrypted card protects you by substituting your voice to change the phonetic characteristics. This functionality has an on / off switch, you can choose when to use it.

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