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The authentic secure cell phone with blockchain encryption

The authentic secure cell phone with blockchain encryption

crypto transactions from anywhere

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Encrypted Cellular Encrypted
3 month license + cell phone

640 USD


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Encrypted Cellular Encrypted
6 month license + cell phone

980 USD


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Encriptados 3 month license
Activation / Renewal

400 USD


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Encrypted License 6 months
Activation / Renewal

745 USD


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640 USD


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980 USD


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400 USD


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745 USD


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Hardware – Reliable Mobile Devices

Encrypted mobile devices designed, assembled and tested to ensure their integrity. Optimal operation with the operating system, rigorous manufacturing procedures, security, reinforced tests and quality assurance.


Safe operating system

Operating system with indecipherable cybersecurity technology, security patches, updated against emerging threats, and intuitive user interface.

Full disk encryption.


End to end encryption

We do not store keys on any server. These are stored on each phone.

capas seguridad

Multiple layers of security for military grade protection

We continually develop additional layers of security, making information theft virtually impossible. This guarantees our users a private communication and out of reach of any espionage attempt

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Chat with individuals and entire groups safely. Messages and files are not stored on the server and can self-destruct to guarantee your privacy.

Top-grade encryption:OTR encryption protocols with 16,000 bits of encryption, OMEMO and ZRTP of the latest generation, protect your chat messages and VoIP calls to guarantee absolutely private communication.

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Remote erase: In case of losing your phone, you can remotely erase all the data on your cell phone, sending a predetermined combination of characters as a message to your Chat.

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Timed messages:In the “For their eyes only” mode when sending messages, you can set them to self-destruct when the other contact sees them, or when the preset lifetime expires.

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Hide conversation: For an additional layer of security, you can hide any conversation, making it accessible through an authentication PIN.

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Encrypted calls:Make VoIP Peer to Peer (P2P) calls preventing the information from passing through a server; in this way, attacks from intermediaries and unauthorized eavesdropping will be impossible.

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Secure file transfer:

Share what you need!

Share any of the most used file extensions, without routing them through servers, thus guaranteeing absolutely private P2P communication.


Blockchain Applications

It guarantees that our users’ communication is private and out of reach.


Work mode

Switch to desktop with BlockChain Applications or Encrypted Work Applications by activating work mode.


Encrypted work applications

To ensure that our users’ communication is private and out of reach.

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Military grade encryption:

We use the PGP protocol, with 4096-bit keys and AES-256 encryption. So nobody can decrypt your emails.

Control of PGP encrypted keys:

Keys are generated and stored only on the device. In this way, only you can access the copies of these.

Encrypted application database:

All your emails, contact names, records and the encryption keys that you use for your messages are stored in the application, within an encrypted database.

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Open communication network:

The service does not include blacklisted or whitelisted domains. We have an open network that allows you to communicate with everyone.

Send unencrypted emails:

Secure email communication is not restricted to PGP clients only. You can also send regular unencrypted emails to anyone.

Encrypted Drafts:

Sometimes you don’t want to send a message right away. If you save it in secure email, the draft will be encrypted.

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Remote erase option by email:

Are you worried that someone will take away your phone and extract data from it? You can use secure email to erase everything on the phone.

Múltiples cuentas:

Like any contemporary email client, the application can support multiple accounts. Changing from one to another is easy, you can do it from the application.

High compatibility:

compatible with competitive products that use the same version of the PGP protocol.

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Security Lock Inbox rules:

If you get a lot of emails, ordering them could be a problem. Secure email lets you create folders and rules (filters) to organize your inbox with ease.

Export backups:

You can create a backup copy of your configuration and encryption keys, to export it and be able to use it on another device.

borrado remoto

Remote erase

Even if you lose your phone, the information you have stored is absolutely safe, because any data can be erased remotely, sending a predetermined combination of characters as a message to your secure chat.

boton de panico

Panic button

To ensure that our users’ communication is private and out of the reach of any eavesdropping attempt, we continually develop system updates.

anonimato garantizado

Incognito mode

Normal Android / iOS operating system with commonly used applications, activating incognito mode.

Encriptados X1 Vault

Cloud Vault

Backup – safe vault It allows you to store any message or file you want in the encrypted file container in the cloud. Supported attachments.
encriptado wipe

Emergency center

Operating system emergency center with quick access to functions you may need in urgent situations.

Quick clean:

Erase all data on your device with a single swipe.

Incognito mode:

Transform the operating system into a normal Android and hide all your encrypted communication.


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