Intact Phone Develops security, enablement and management solutions

to give people and organizations better use of their mobile devices. Our software improves the security levelof cell phones, offering deeper and more powerful protection against cyber attacks


12 month license
+ IntacPhone cell phone

620 USD


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12 month license
+ IntacPhone cell phone

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12 month license

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620 USD


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1.100 USD


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CommuniTake, the parent company of Intact, fully manufactures the device. From the hardware to the operating system. This is aimed at preventing malicious code substitution and information breaches.


Eliminate all security gaps.


Controls make it easy to manage central intelligence and advanced security.


Minimize cyber attacks


Prevents attacks by detecting alerts

Reliable Hardware

It works only with reliable hardware and official drivers, ensuring security at all times.

Stable connection

Ensures a stable connection at all times on devices that are operational.

Independent System

It works with an operating system completely independent from Google services.


Dismantle attacks that other devices do not detect.


It is extremely resistant to eavesdropping.


  • Secure voice calls
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Sending protected attachments
  • “Always safe” mode
  • Complete and protected communications files

IntactPhone keeps you protected all the time

Independent system

Works with an operating system completely independent from Google services


We provide fully integrated solutions that detect and prevent any computer attack

Intact cc: command and control

The centralized control of the devices allows control and restriction policies to be implemented in the cell phones of companies or groups. Restrict access to networks, websites or information traffic to ensure total privacy.

Url sorting

Intact Phone is protected against malicious URLs and helps identify malware, spam, and phishing on potentially dangerous sites.

Permission enforcement for apps

Intact Phone allows you to enable or disable permissions for apps from the central command.


Exchange calls and voice messages in a totally secure environment

Encrypted voice calls:

Communicate securely with your contacts anywhere in the world with crystal clear IP audio. The latest ZRTP encryption technology ensures that it is not possible to eavesdrop or hack your calls with other people.

Bespoke secure voice calls:

Call anytime, anywhere in the world to mobile and landline phones on your network. Your part of the call is always protected, even when speaking to a contact who does not have the IntactDialog app, keeping you safe from local eavesdropping threats.



Anonymous phone contacts:

Use a dedicated phone book to keep your identity secret. Defining in a central way the policies of exposure of flexible contacts in all organizational groups. Avoid snags on personal contact lists by ensuring complete control over communications in your organization.

We present easy and practical solutions for the secure communication of your business


Awarded “2015 20 Most Promising BYOD Solution Providers” by CIOReview / Recognized as “20 Fastest Growing Security Companies” by SiliconReview.

IntactOS, secure system

IntactPhone runs on IntactOS, a security-rich operating system created and enhanced to address the mobile security concerns facing businesses today.

Encrypted data at rest

IntactPhone’s robust disk encryption ensures that access to data on the device is only allowed to users who enter a dedicated password / PIN. The encryption key is known only to the owner of the device.

Remote control technology

IntactPhone ensures device performance through secure self-troubleshooting application and remote control technology.

Reliable Hardware

This high-end smartphone works with official drivers and is built from the ground up to provide better defense against mobile cybercrime.

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