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GhostECC provides a platform that uses the latest
encryption methods for secure communication

Offering military grade encryption over the years with a transparent bulletproof security record

Encrypted cell phone ghost
3 months license + samsung A20 cell phone

550 USD


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Encrypted cell phone ghost
6 months license + samsung A20 cell phone

800 USD


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Encrypted cell phone ghost
3 month license + samsung A30 cell phone

600 USD


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Encrypted cell phone ghost
6 months license + samsung A30 cell phone

850 USD


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Ghost encrypted cell phone License 3 months
Activation / Renewal
With SIM

400 USD


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Encrypted cell phone ghost
6 month license
Activation / Renewal
With SIM

650 USD


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Ghost encrypted cell phone License 3 months
Activation / Renewal

325 USD


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Encrypted cell phone ghost
6 month license
Activation / Renewal

575 USD


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Triple layer of encryption

All communications are end-to-end encrypted, avoiding being decrypted by us and by third parties

100% anonymity

Our goal is to provide a secure and anonymous service. No personal information is required about the purchase and the payment information is not linked to your purchase

International SIM Roaming with more than 120 countries

Private and international communication network. Customers can use their devices around the world without additional roaming costs.


Autodestrucción de mensajes

All messages will have a self-destruct timer that will completely erase the message from all devices and servers without leaving a trace.

Group chat

The Ghost ECC allows you to create group chats, fully encrypted and secure.

Secure audio messages

attach a secure audio clip to a message

Voice calls

Encrypt all voice conversations

Ghost Mail PGP

Encryption protocols

Ghost ECC mail has 256-bit PGP AES encryption protocols.
Ghost ECC is fully PGP compliant you can communicate with all PGP users.

Cloud Vault Backup - secure vault

Allows you to store photos, videos, voice or documents, the Ghost ECC chat encrypts all your attachments.

Backup options:

Securely back up your records and restore them to the same device or a new one.

Panic password

The “duress password” feature allows you to set a password
false to use in case of duress. This will silently erase all data
inside the cell phone.

Remote erase

You can perform a remote wipe of the phone by contacting us, this in case it has been lost, stolen or seized.

Reusable equipment

Reusable equipment Ghost ECC has 24/7 technical support wherever you are.

Encryption impossible to crack

Guaranteed military grade encryption algorithm that generates unique keys for each client with each message sent. Each message is recorded on the device without leaving a trace that it existed.

Private Servers

We have several private servers strategically located around the world under strict confidentiality, taking the privacy of our clients very seriously, offering a guaranteed and reliable service.

Encrypted work applications

To ensure that our users’ communication is private and out of reach.

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