Armadillo Phone gives you advanced protection against hacking

Comunícate mediante mensajes instantáneos y llamadas de audio o video encriptado
Travel without worrying about your safety

Armadillo Phone Plan Silver
6 month license + cell phone

995 USD


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Armadillo Phone Silver
6 month license
Activation / Renewal

850 USD


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Armadillo Phone Plan Gold
6 month license + cell phone

1.295 USD


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Armadillo Phone Gold
6 month license
Activation / Renewal

1.150 USD


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995 USD


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850 USD


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1.295 USD


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1.150 USD


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Network monitored by a team of professionals alert to hacker attacks. Regular updates keep you up-to-date against the latest vulnerabilities.

Storage encryption

Armadillo phone not only has security protocols, it also has a sophisticated password system that ensures maximum security.

Memory protection

With Armadillo Phone you don’t have to worry about anything. The phone’s memory is reinforced with state-of-the-art software and specially designed hardware for protection.


Armadillo Phone is not only secure, it is also easy to use. La interfaz gráfica está especialmente diseñada para ser intuitiva. You can also easily adjust the security of your phone from the home screen.


A proactive defense. Our applications constantly monitor the activity around them and alert the user of possible dangers, thus preventing attacks before they happen. Nuestras aplicaciones monitorean constantemente la actividad a su alrededor y alerta al usuario de posibles peligros, así se previenen los ataques antes de que sucedan.


Encrypted chat:

Use all the advanced features to communicate, such as video conferencing, self-destructing messages, and group chats. End-to-end decentralized encryption protects your data, so even if the server is hacked, your conversations remain secure.

Chat: Secured with OMEMO encryption

All connections are made using covered TLS 1.2 connections with 4096 bit high entropy certificates.

The metadata can be additionally protected by optional VPNs.

Verify encryption keys using manual verification, QR code, SMP or NFC.

International SIM Roaming with more than 120 countries

Private and international communication network. Customers can use their devices around the world without additional roaming costs.

100% anonymity

Our goal is to provide a secure and anonymous service. No personal information is required on purchase and payment information is not linked to your purchase.

Remote erase

You can perform a remote wipe of the phone, by contacting us, this in case it has been lost, stolen or seized.



Secured with PGP-N encryption.


Do not allow third parties to control your data. Protect yourself with the included communications network, or use yours. We can provide you with private servers, completely under your control.

Encrypted PGP Email – Email uses random subjects; uses an encrypted connection for the keyserver and the mail server; requires 4096-bit PGP keys.

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