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With the version of Wickr Pro

You get more benefits like voice and video calls, file transfer, SSO and MDM integration, bots, administrative controls, file sharing of up to 5 GB, among other features.

Wickr Pro App Encrypted
12 months of service

150 USD


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  • Unlimited messages, voice and video chats, all end-to-end encrypted
  • Each message is encrypted with a new key. Wickr does not have access to your contacts or messages Safety from start to finish!
  • Share files, videos and photos up to 5 GB


  • All your messages are firmly protected with military grade AES 256 encryption, this makes it perfect for anyone seeking the highest levels of privacy.
  • With key verification, you can know who you are talking to and who has received your files. Control your data!


  • Tconfigurable expiration timer. You can adjust the duration time of all your messages.

Wickr for desktop

  • You will be able to share images, videos and make calls.
  • Messages between users are encrypted and can be ephemeral, that is, they can be configured so that once read or after a certain time they self-destruct.
  • The person who sends the message decides who can read it, when and determine the time of permanence.

Take care of the security of your data and your personal information
It is our priority!

Interact with other Wickr users

Take control of your most sensitive communications and data exchanges on multiple networks; Wickr is networked with other Wickr Pro and Wickr Me users. It’s easy!

Enterprise Solutions

Our business solution offers compliance controls that are easily integrated into IT workflows: Single Sign On (SSO), Mobile Device Management (MDM), integrations with our WickrAPI and WickrBOT.

User password verification

After exchanging keys with your contacts, Wickr provides tools to help you verify the identity of the person using the keys on the other side of your conversation.

Nuestra misión

Our mission is to transform the way companies and organizations protect the most important communications. In doing so, we strive to build the world’s most trusted communication platform, investing in comprehensive and transparent security testing.


  • Calls on Wickr are end-to-end encrypted and protected with forwarding security.
  • Make fully encrypted conference calls.

Connecting the world safely

Users can be safely found

Instead of using emails, phone numbers, or usernames to search and find other users, Wickr’s software uses hashes (algorithms) of phone numbers or email addresses, but only to find contacts.

Invite your contacts in minutes It’s easy!

Take control of your communications and personal data, always anonymous, fully encrypted. Join millions of users around the world.

Secure password

The ID or password that was used for the login is never stored in the cloud, it resides entirely on your device.

Our commitment

Our commitment to the privacy and security of users, drives every decision and policy we make. Wickr strongly upholds strong encryption standards accessible to businesses and individuals; we protect intellectual property and personal information.


  • Integration of Jira, Zendesk, Git, SalesForce and thousands more
  • Easy to use API for custom integrations
  • Admin panel with secure user access controls
  • SSO and MDM integrations
  • Password complexity, device lock and much more
  • GDPR compliance is easy and profitable
  • SaaS, Enterprise and On Prem deployment options

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