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With the version of Threema Work

You get more benefits:create polls in chats, hide messages, identify contacts, option “Agree” or “Not satisfied” with incoming messages, group chats of up to 100 people, among other features that the free version does not offer

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Threema Work App Encrypted
12 months of service

35 USD


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  • Our chat complies with all privacy laws; gives your team an easy-to-use alternative, separating personal and professional communication.
  • Thereema offers a security and privacy protection service. We have the best end-to-end encryption – no personally identifiable information, strong encryption on user devices, or decentralized architecture.
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  • Confidential chats can be hidden and protected by creating passwords via PIN or fingerprint.
  • Classify incoming messages as “Compliant” or “Not compliant”, you choose
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  • With Threema Work you can have a group chat of up to 100 users.
  • Instant messaging simplifies communication, improves collaboration, streamlines workflows, and increases productivity.
  • Chats are stored externally for auditing or reporting purposes.
  • Chat content is not transferred when switching from one app to another.
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  • Threema Work allows you to create polls within a chat. Take surveys and get useful results for your work.

    • Android: In a chat, tap the clip icon and select Poll.
    • iOS: In a chat, tap the + sign next to the text entry field and select Create poll.
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  • With private chats, you can protect individual conversations with a PIN code. Also, they can be hidden from the chat list. In this way, the chats that you consider confidential are protected.
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  • With function agree / disagree, You can accept or not an incoming message, without activating an automatic notification on the device. *The agree / disagree feature does not support group chats.
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  • Share videos, photos and location
  • We provide a level of security, metadata restriction and confidentiality in all your messages.
  • Confidential chats can be hidden and protected by creating passwords via PIN or fingerprint.
  • Classify incoming messages as “Compliant” or “Not compliant”, you choose

Threema.Work offers all the features expected of a professional business messenger. Offers a comparable level of security, metadata restriction, and confidentiality


We comply with the established regulations

Threema Work complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); we also comply with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DSG) and the Data Protection Compliance (VDSG).

We are certified

Threema manages its own servers in ISO 27001 certified data centers

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Top ratings and reviews

On the app stores, Threema gets rave reviews and ratings. In the Google Play Store, it gets 4.5 / 5 stars, an approximate 45,000 votes.

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  • Calls with IDs not listed in the contact list are routed through the Threema server to hide the IP address.
  • Instead of a phone number, the Threema id serves as a unique identifier.
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  • The call connection is established using messages; therefore voice calls are so trustworthy like chats, and the same levels of verification apply.
  • Calls with Threema Work are end-to-end encrypted and therefore cannot be tampered with by strangers.
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  • You do not require a SIM card or a phone number. This allows you to make voice calls on tablets and iPads.

Security and privacy

Threema Work can be used without providing personally identifiable information (such as a phone number or email address) and without granting access to the address book.


App of the year

In 2015, Google Play recognized Threema by placing it on the prestigious list of the best Android apps.


Best selling iOS app

For two consecutive years (2014 and 2015), Threema was the best-selling iOS app in Germany.

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